The Corona vaccination appointment

All persons entitled to vaccination are informed by the federal states. The federal states use the nationwide telephone number 116117 as the access number for making appointments. Digital appointment booking options are also provided.
You can find all Corona vaccination centres in your area on Corona-Station.
Currently, children, adolescents under 16 years of age, pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding are excluded from the Corona vaccination.

Corona vaccination appointment procedure
Once Corona vaccination centres have been supplied with sufficient vaccine, prioritised groups can make an appointment. Corona vaccinations are only available by prior appointment via the national telephone number or online registration. All Corona vaccination centres and available online appointments can be found on Corona Station. A total of two vaccinations are required, so two appointments are also needed.

You will need to bring the following documents to your COVID-19 vaccination appointment:
– Appointment confirmation
– Vaccination certificate
– Electronic health card (if available)
– Medical documents (e.g. heart passport, diabetic card or list of medications)
– Proof of prioritisation for vaccination:
– Proof of age by identity card or other photo ID.
– Residents of nursing homes and other institutions present a certificate from the institution
– Medical certificate for chronic illnesses
– Close contacts require confirmation from the person in care

Corona vaccination may not be possible in some cases for medical reasons, e.g. acute illness with fever. After registering at the Corona Vaccination Centre, you will be advised by a qualified medical staff member. At this time you will be questioned regarding your medical history – any questions from you will also be answered at this time.
The Corona vaccination will only be carried out with your express consent and only if you have no medical complications. This will be asked for in a medical history and consent form, which you can print out and fill in before your vaccination appointment. The form can also be filled out at the vaccination centre. The medical staff responsible will then go through the form with you. The vaccination will only take place after you have signed the form, confirming your wish for a Corona vaccination.
The vaccination is carried out by qualified medical personnel. As a rule, the vaccination is administered in the upper arm (intramuscularly). The injection site is disinfected and covered with a plaster. After the Corona vaccination, you will remain in the vaccination centre for about 30 minutes for monitoring, so that any allergies to the vaccine can be recognised and treated directly – however, this only happens very rarely. Afterwards, you can go home.
A second vaccination is absolutely necessary for effective protection. The second vaccination with the same procedure takes place after three weeks.


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