Corona tests for pandemic containment

As laboratory and testing capacities are quickly exhausted, especially in winter, the Robert Koch Institute recommends “focusing corona testing capacities on those persons who should be tested for medical or epidemiological reasons”. If you suspect you have contracted the corona virus because you have a cough, fever or cold, quarantine yourself immediately and avoid contact. Call your family doctor to decide on further action. Under no circumstances should you visit a doctor’s surgery without prior telephone notice. The family doctor will decide over the phone, based on your signs of illness, whether you should take a coronavirus test.

In the case of a positive result, all contact persons with whom there was close contact from 2 days before the onset of the disease must be found out. In this case, the contact persons must go into domestic quarantine, avoid all contact and keep a record of their state of health by measuring their body temperature twice a day and recording any signs of illness. All distance and hygiene rules must also be observed in case of unavoidable contact. The health department will check regularly on the health status. The quarantine does not end automatically, but is lifted again by the competent authority, usually the local health department. Violations of the quarantine obligation can be punished with a fine or imprisonment. If you need medical help during home quarantine, call your family doctor or the emergency services (112) – point out that you are currently in home quarantine.

In case of symptoms typical of COVID-19, such as loss of sense of taste and smell, breathing problems or high fever, a Corona test should be done. All persons who have had contact with the potentially infected person in the last 14 days should also take the Corona test in order to break chains of infection at an early stage. A warning from the Corona warning app (increased risk – red) should also be followed by a COVID-19 test.

Negative Corona tests are only a snapshot – continue to pay attention to hygiene and protection measures.

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