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Global and German COVID-19 Statistics

04 Feb 2023, 10:08 AM (GMT)

Germany Coronavirus Update

37,822,577 Total Cases
166,128 Death Cases
37,427,600 Recovered Cases
04 Feb 2023, 10:30 AM (GMT)

COVID-19 Global Stats

676,106,971 Total Cases
6,770,506 Death Cases
648,435,982 Recovered Cases

Frequently searched Corona Testing and Vaccination Centres.

For private individuals / patients

Corona-Station – The search engine for COVID-19 testing stations and vaccination centres near you

  • All Corona Test Stations and Vaccination Centres in Germany
  • Book free test or vaccination appointments centrally online
  • Find Corona Test Centres with Corona Test Evidence for Travel or Employers
  • Corona Test Stations Compare
  • Find providers with BfArM and PEI listed Corona tests
  • Helpful customer reviews
  • Up-to-date with Corona News, new travel regulations and much more.
You know a Corona testing or vaccination station that is not yet registered at Corona-Station? Then register the provider quickly and easily here!

For station providers

Wanted and found – Do you offer Corona rapid tests or perform Corona vaccinations?

CoronaStation is Germany’s largest portal for corona testing and vaccination centres. With a free entry on, users can find you quickly and easily. Whether you are a company, practice, pharmacy or health office – Corona-Station is your partner for more visibility on the web and more appointment bookings.

Advantages of a free entry on Corona Station:

  • Free profile entry
  • More reach and advertising
  • More online appointments through direct bookings
  • Optimised internet presence through customisable profiles
  • E-mail notifications for customer questions or reviews
  • Answer customer questions and comment on reviews
  • Translation into different languages


Is the registration on Corona-Station free of charge?

In the Basic account, providers of test stations can create it for free. To create and manage multiple entries (e.g. for different locations), upload more images per station, add dofollow links (for better Google rankings of your website) as well as to use the appointment booking feature, you need a Premium account on Corona-Station. If an entry for your station already exists on Corona-Station, then claim it as soon as possible in order to manage all data independently and to be notified directly via email in case of questions or reviews.

How can I register on Corona Station?

You can either create an account on Corona-Station directly via the homepage button “Register” or do this during the creation of a station entry. In the Basic account, you can create one entry for free. In the Premium account you can create and manage up to 15 entries. If you would like to enter and manage more than 15 stations, send a request to We can then upgrade your account to manage unlimited entries for an additional fee. If there is already an entry for your station on Corona-Station, then you can claim it via the sidebar of the entry. We will check the claim and then activate you for administration.

How do I claim an existing entry of my station on Corona Station?

All entries on Corona-Station have been compiled by our team and entered to the best of our knowledge. However, we make no claim to completeness. Information may be outdated or incorrect.

If you are the provider (or an employee) of a Corona Testing or Vaccination Station registered on Corona Station, you can claim the entry for free to manage and update all data. Go to your station’s entry and click on “Claim your profile now” in the sidebar on the right. In the pop-up window, enter your name, email address and phone number and briefly explain why you have a claim to manage. We will then contact the ward whose entry you have claimed by phone to check your claim. If the claim is valid, then we will activate you to manage the entry. Please be sure to complete and update the entry after you have been accepted to provide patients with the correct information.

Who can register on Corona Station?

On Corona Station, all providers of Corona tests and/or Corona vaccinations can register. This includes, for example, doctors, pharmacies, health authorities, laboratories and private providers. 

What does an entry of my Corona Test or Vaccination Station on Corona Station do for me?

  • More visibility and reach for more patients and appointments 
  • Optimised online presence for more trust 
  • Collect recommendations for more patients 
  • Connecting with patients 
  • Stand out from the competition through highlighted entries 
  • Dofollow link for a better ranking of your website on Google Premium
  • Simplified Appointment Management Premium
  • Easy management of entries for multiple locations Premium

Our expert tip:

Complete and update all data for your station entry. Describe your service in detail and use relevant search terms for your station to achieve better rankings on Google. A good selection of pictures of your station, attractive prices and price promotions, as well as collecting many positive customer testimonials can help you get many enquiries and bookings.

How can I improve the success of my entry on Corona-Station?

Entries of your company or your station in online directories have been shown to help with Google SEO ranking. Optimise your Corona Station entry by completing it and keeping it up to date:

  • Details such as address, phone, email, opening hours must always be up to date and match the details on your website or Google My Business listing.
  • Provide helpful details about your station, such as accessibility, free parking, online appointment booking option, etc.
  • Further information regarding the accessibility of the ward is helpful. With your address information, we automatically generate a link to the Google route planner, which patients can click on your entry. 
  • Upload a logo and other images of the ward so that patients can get an impression of your ward before they visit.
  • Describe your service in detail and use important search terms with which you want to be found on Google.
  • Important Link to your Corona Station entry on your website
  • Important Invite patients to leave reviews about your ward to convince new patients to use your service. A good rating will position you better in the search results on Corona Ward. In addition, patients most often use the “Best Rating” filter to sort search results. Experience shows that the wards that appear at the top of the search results receive more enquiries and appointment bookings.

How can I highlight my entry on Corona Station?

A listing with complete, up-to-date and detailed information is the first step to success on Corona-Station. Invite patients to leave a rating on your Corona Ward listing so they can collect referrals. Entries with good ratings get more clicks and more patients. To make your entry stand out on Corona-Station, you can upgrade to a Premium account. Premium entries will be marked and highlighted accordingly on Corona Station. In addition, you have the option to book banner ads in the Premium account to get even more visibility on Corona Station.  

How do I change data in my Corona Station entry?

If you have already claimed your entry, you can edit data for your entry via your account. Log in to your account and click on “My Stations” in your dashboard. Click on “Edit” and make the changes. You can then save the changes. Be sure to keep your entries on Corona-Station up to date to provide patients with the correct information for booking appointments etc.  

How can Corona Station users contact me?

Store all contact details (telephone, e-mail) in your Corona Station entry. Make sure that the information is always up to date. Patients also have the option to contact you via the contact form on your entry. You will then receive an e-mail to your contact e-mail. 

Will I be notified of a submitted user question or review about my station?

Enquiries via the contact form go directly to the e-mail address that was stored as the contact e-mail when the entry was created. You can change the e-mail in your account under “My stations” at any time. If a rating is submitted, you will also be informed via e-mail. Here you have the option to respond to the rating with an answer.  

How can users book an appointment directly through my Corona Station listing?

To simplify the management of your appointments, you are welcome to use our appointment booking feature, which is available in the Premium account. Once your account has been upgraded to the Premium version, you can use the feature. Patients can select a free appointment on their ward entry in the online appointment calendar and book it. You will be notified via e-mail about new appointment bookings.  

How do I find a Corona testing centre or a Corona vaccination centre near me?

In the search field, use the filter “Station type” to select the station you are looking for (antigen rapid test station, PCR test station, antibody test station or Corona vaccination station). In the input field next to it, enter the location (e.g. place of residence) near which you are looking for a station. You can also select a location from the list of suggestions that open in the drop-down menu. Then click on “Search”. You can now select a station from the list of results or use the filters such as radius, price etc. to refine the search. 

Can I add a Corona Test Site or Corona Vaccination Centre that is not yet on Corona Station?

If you know of a Corona test site or a Corona vaccination centre that is not yet listed on Corona Station, you can list the site for free to help other users like you. Simply click on “Register here for free” at the top right of the homepage and enter the information about the station. You will then see a preview of the entry before you submit it. You can edit or delete stations you have submitted via your Corona Station account.  

How can I submit a rating for a station?

If you have visited a Corona Test Station or a Corona Immunisation Station and would like to share your experience, you can submit a review about the station on Corona Station. To submit a review, you must have a Corona Station account. You can create an account on Corona-Station in a few minutes by clicking on the “Register” button. After registering, log in to your account. Now find the corresponding entry of the test or vaccination station on Corona-Station. Open the entry and click on “Write review” in the top right-hand corner or scroll down the entry to the Reviews section. Now write your review and give a rating (1 to 5 stars). Then click on “Send” and your rating will be published.  

I have a question about a station, where can I ask it?

You will always see the most important contact information such as telephone and e-mail on the entry for each coronavirus testing centre or coronavirus vaccination centre in the top right-hand sidebar. You also have the option of contacting the centre via the contact form on the entry. You will find the contact form on the bottom right in the sidebar of the entry. Enter the subject of your enquiry and your e-mail address. Compose a message and click “Send message”. Providers also have the option to publish frequently asked questions on the entry. You can therefore also find an answer to your question in the FAQs section.  

Where can I get a Corona test certificate for a trip?

For a Corona health certificate, e.g. for a trip or holiday, you need a PCR test. So select “PCR test stations” as the station type and enter the corresponding location near which you are looking for a COVID-19 test centre. Now refine your search on the search results page by selecting the box “Corona Health Certificate” in the filter characteristics and clicking on Filter again. You will now see search results with Corona Test Stations that also offer Corona Health Certificates for travel. Please note that in most cases there should be no more than 48 hours between departure and the time of testing. Find out about the current travel regulations before you start your journey.  

How do I book an appointment for a Corona test or Corona vaccination?

Whether you can book an appointment for a Corona Test or Corona Vaccination directly through Corona Station depends on the provider’s account. However, on the provider’s Corona Station entry, you will find links to the provider’s external booking page. For some entries, booking is also possible directly through Corona Station. To do this, select a free date from the appointment calendar and confirm the booking. Please take all information about the appointment from the information in the station entry. In most cases, you will also find documents in the entry that you can download and bring to the appointment (e.g. data protection declaration, consent form for vaccination or testing).  

How do I change or delete a rating I have given?

Log in to your Corona Station account. Click on your username in the top right hand corner and then from the drop down menu options, click on the “Ratings” menu. You can also access your ratings from your dashboard. Select your rating and click Edit or Delete. If you want to change the rating, you can adjust the text and rating and click Submit again. Your rating for the corresponding station will now be published.  

How do I cancel an appointment I booked through Corona-Station?

Please always cancel an appointment booked via Corona-Station by calling the provider of the coronavirus testing or vaccination station directly. You will find the telephone number in the Corona Station entry for the station.  

How can I contact the provider of a station directly?

On the Corona Station entry of the provider, you will find the telephone number and email address for the station. In addition, you will also find a contact form on the bottom right of the sidebar on the entry of the Corona testing or vaccination station. 

How can I save a station for later viewing?

Open the entry you want to save as a favourite. Click on the “Save” button (heart icon) at the top of the entry. The station is now saved in your dashboard under the “Favourites” menu. You can access saved stations directly via Favourites and also remove stations from the Favourites list.  

How can I share a Corona Station entry on my social media channel?

Click on the “Share” button at the top right of the entry you wish to share. You can now share the Corona Test Centre or Corona Vaccination Centre entry on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Pinterest by clicking on the corresponding icons.  

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